Residential Pest Management in Reston, VA

Get Residential Pest Control Services in northern Virginia

Every home is unique, and there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to residential pest control. When you want to defend your home against pests, turn to Rat Pack Pest Control, Inc. We'll apply a science-based approach to identify the root of the problem and create a solution tailored to your home. You can rest assured that we can get rid of all kinds of bugs and help protect your home from future invasions.

Set up cockroach, bedbug, mosquito, rodent, or termite control services in northern Virginia by calling us today.

You’ll Appreciate Our Thorough A.I.M. Process

We don't cut corners when it comes to residential pest control. When you hire us to protect your home, we will...

  • Assess your situation with a thorough inspection of your home. Our trained pest expert will find high-risk areas and give you a report of any potential problems.
  • Implement a custom roach, rodent, or termite control solution using state-of-the-art technology. Once the problem has been treated, we'll let you know if additional prevention work is necessary.
  • Monitor your home all year with occasional visits. We'll check your property for new pest activity and determine the status of previous treatments.

From your attic insulation to your yard, count on us to check every part of your home to keep pests out. Make an appointment for pest control services when you contact us at (703) 830-0520.

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