Rodent Control in Reston, VA

A pest infestation in your home can be scary. Don’t let rodents or any other pests take over your home — hire highly qualified and certified pest removers right away.

Rat Pack Pest Control works a bit differently than other pest control companies. We have formulated a 57-point checklist that we apply to every home we inspect and treat. This way, we are better able to figure out what type of pest we are dealing with. Whether you need termite, bedbug, or mice control, we are here to help you.

Rodent Control in Reston, VA

Unlike some insects, rodents can be much easier to spot when they have infested your home. Due to their size, homeowners can often spot rodents running around under furniture or behind large items. Other warning signs of a rodent infestation are droppings, holes chewed into flooring or food containers, and sometimes nest-building materials such as paper.

Sometimes all you need is a mousetrap to handle a pesky mouse or rat. Unfortunately, if one rodent has gotten into your home, others can as well. And if the infestation went on for a while before you noticed it, there is a high chance there are more rodents that you haven’t yet spotted.

If you hire an expert removal team, you are more likely to have the rodent problem stopped at the source. A professional team knows what the signs are likely to mean, where to look for more rodents, and has the right tools to safely inspect without getting injured or infected.

Rat Pack Pest Control has spent many years within the pest control industry, and we know how to help you with your infestation. We work quickly and our results are effective, so there is no need to second-guess when you work with us.

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